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Tanya Orr - Chair of TAG
Tanya is a BACP accredited counsellor and supervisor with a special interest in supporting those with complex trauma. She co-founded Restore counselling in Belfast and has experience in policy, training and research in a project funded by the Northern Ireland Department of Health. Tanya is excited about her developing training with sensorimotor psychotherapy and the profound hope for people struggling with trauma. She is Executive Director of Willows Counselling Service in Swindon.
Richard Cole - Conference organiser (with Muriel Cole)
Richard trained as a psychiatric social worker, psychotherapist and family therapist. He has extensive experience in practice and management within health and social service organisations. He acts as a consultant on child protection issues and lectures in mental health and social work. As a counsellor he specialises in working with people who have experienced severe trauma, sexual and ritual abuse.
Helen Randell-Sly - Treasurer
Paula Biles - Editor of Interact magazine
Sue Berry - E-shot and magazine
Sue is a therapist practicing Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and mindfulness.  She has a particular interest in complex trauma, DID and dissociative disorders.  Sue worked for many years within a drug and alcohol agency and coordinated a counselling service in a prison, and now currently enjoys working in private practice in Shropshire.  In her spare time Sue enjoys walking, photography and painting.

Pippa Dryland - Secretary; regional networking coordinator
Philippa is a counsellor, supervisor and trainer at Willows Counselling Service and works with survivors of early life attachment traumas, DID and ritual abuse. Insights from sensorimotor psychotherapy and her own deeper spiritual journeying have allowed her to understand the profound place that both neuroscience and spirituality can play in enabling ‘internal collaboration’ and healing for those recovering from early life trauma and abuse. Within TAG she is currently involved in helping to establish regional support groups for therapists and supporters working with survivors of early life atrocities.

Committee members
Kate Clarke - Membership secretary
Steve Litchfield - Website and social media


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