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Introduction to Interact

Interact is the Journal of the Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG).  It is published twice a year and contains a range of articles on the subject of trauma, abuse, dissociation and attachment.  It has a broad readership including counsellors, psychotherapists, survivors, partners and supporters, pastoral workers, clergy, health professionals, Rape Crisis centre workers and helpline staff – indeed anyone interested in supporting those recovering from neglect, trauma and abuse.

What we are looking for

We welcome contributions from everyone involved in the field, regardless of qualifications, theoretical orientation or background.  You do not need to be a clinician to contribute: we especially value first-hand accounts from survivors and their professional or personal allies.  The main criterion for articles is that they are understandable and relevant.

Length of articles

Articles are generally between 1000 and 3000 words, or up to 5000 words where agreed in advance.  Shorter articles may be suitable for inclusion in the bi-monthly e-newsletter.


We particularly welcome articles which are readable, accessible, interesting and relevant to our broad readership.  We also welcome articles whose content is scholarly where that content is written in an engaging, understandable style.  Our readers represent a wide spectrum so please bear this in mind when writing.  If in any doubt, please contact us for advice.

Help available

We are always happy to help and advise with the writing and submission of your article and enquiries should be made to interact@tag-uk.net.  If you have something valuable to say, but find writing daunting, then please still get in touch.  Under certain circumstances we can provide a member of the Editorial team to interview you or ghost-write your article for you, under your guidance and instruction.

Please never assume that your article will not be good enough to be considered – we can usually help and we value every contribution.

Topics and Examples

We welcome:

1. Theoretical papers aimed primarily at therapists, or articles containing guidance for effective therapeutic practice.

2. Therapist or client/survivor reflections of their own experience, case studies from practice, or a discussion of issues either within therapy or in society at large.

3. Survivor accounts.  These may be descriptive or evocative in nature, or may be accounts of current life difficulties.

4. Partner or Supporter Contributions.

5. General articles on issues pertaining to abuse, trauma, dissociation, attachment or therapy, at an accessible level suitable for both therapists and survivors.