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Excerpts from a research study by Jean Wadge M.Sc. into the experiences of therapists who work with victims and survivors of Satanist Ritual Abuse.

I am a person centred/integrative counsellor working in primary care as part of a team of general practitioners and healthcare professionals. I have been working for 6 years with a survivor of Satanist Ritual Abuse. The biggest obstacle in the way of her recovery is her trauma attachment to the Satanist cult with whom she grew up. The cult still contact her in an effort to force her to return to their activities.

Because of the contentious nature of this subject I was aware that I needed to interview participants who were well respected in their profession, as well as those who like myself had only met one survivor in the course of their daily work.

My participants were as follows:

Imagine for a moment that you are a child born into a generational Satanist family...

From the Therapist’s point of view:

So what does work?