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Association of Christian Counsellors

29 Momus Boulevard



0845 124 9569

0845 124 9570


The Association was founded in 1992 to provide a nationwide umbrella organisation.

The vision may be summarised as follows:

  • The provision of nationwide standards for Christian counselling and care.
  • The provision of a nationwide system for the accreditation of Christian counsellors broadly acceptable to Christian churches, counselling organisations and the wider community.
  • The provision of a nationwide system for the recognition of training in Christian counselling and pastoral care.
  • The provision of a body which represents Christian counsellors and develops relations with institutions such as the social services and health authorities, and with denominations and professional bodies.
  • The encouragement, training and resourcing of Pastoral Carers.
  • The Association recognises that among Christians there is a great variety of approaches to counselling. Whereas it aims at high standards in practice and training it does not seek uniformity.



British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

BACP House

15 St John's Business Park



LE17 4HB

01455 883300


Our vision

BACP is leading the effort to make counselling and psychotherapy widely recognised as a profession whose purpose and activity is understood by the general public.

Our mission

To be the leading professional body for counselling and psychotherapy and an automatic reference point for anyone seeking information on counselling and psychotherapy in the United Kingdom.

Our objectives

BACP is established:

i. to promote and provide education and training for counsellors and/or psychotherapists working in either professional or voluntary settings, whether full or part time with a view to raising the standards of counselling and/or psychotherapy for the benefit of the community and in particular for those who are the recipients of counselling and/or psychotherapy; and

ii. to advance the education of the public in the part that counselling and/or psychotherapy can play generally and in particular to meet the needs of those members of society where development and participation in society is impaired by mental, physical or social handicap or disability.

Deep Release


Pauline Andrew & Dr Chris Andrew

Deep Release Ltd

122 Hunter Avenue



Essex, CM15 8PG

01277 226121


Deep Release is a network of counsellors, psychotherapists and psychiatrists who meet together regularly for training and support. With a basis of Christian faith and spirituality, we offer some of the most innovative and exciting counselling training courses currently available in the UK.

Our counsellors use many different creative approaches, including the release of blocked emotions, Gestalt interventions, creative tools and pre-and perinatal psychotherapy (in-womb and very early trauma). We place strong emphasis on research, particularly in the areas of neuroscience, body work and trauma. A high priority is given to continuous professional development.

Our training courses are interactive, highly visual, lively and challenging, with excellent materials for you to take home. They include day seminars and residential weekends in various locations around the country on a wide variety of topics relevant to both counsellors and clients.

Lifespan Integration



Lifespan Integration

Peggy Pace

PO Box 651

Roslyn WA 98941



Lifespan Integration is a new therapeutic technique which was developed by Peggy Pace beginning in 2002. Pace originally designed Lifespan Integration [LI] for treating adults who experienced abuse or neglect in their childhoods. Since then, LI has been found to be effective with many different client populations and with all age groups. Lifespan Integration is now being successfully used by therapists in the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. LI has been found to be extremely effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, attachment disorders, eating disorders, somatic disorders, and dissociative disorders.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

845 Burbank Street

CO 80020 USA



The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI) is an educational organization dedicated to the study and teaching of a somatic approach to clinical psychotherapy practice. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-oriented talking therapy that integrates verbal techniques with body-centered interventions in the treatment of trauma, attachment, and developmental issues.

SPI offers trainings and workshops for psychotherapists and allied professionals in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and courses for body therapists on somatic resources. The courses taught by SPI are based on principles of mindfulness and mind/body/spirit holism and informed by contemporary research in neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma, and related fields.

The Bowlby Centre


The Bowlby Centre

147 Commercial Street


E1 6BJ

0207 247 9101


We are an organisation committed to the development, promotion and practice of an attachment-based and relational approach to psychotherapy.

We offer a 4 year UKCP-accredited training for people wishing to become psychotherapists and professional development opportunities for psychotherapists, counsellors and other professionals working with people.  We have developed expertise in areas which include trauma, dissociation, addiction and disability.  We organise conferences and events to support the continuing professional development of our members.

Our journal:  Attachment - New Directions in Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalysis, provides opportunities to read about and contribute to the ongoing development of the attachment and relational approach to psychotherapy and counselling.  

We offer a referral service and clinic for those seeking psychotherapeutic help.

The Counselling Directory

Colluseum Riverside Way

Camberley Surrey

GU15 3YL


This website is a support network of UK counsellors and psychotherapists, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling covered, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential and easy to use.



The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

2nd Floor

Edward House

2 Wakley Street



0207 014 9955


The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) is an umbrella organisation, with over 70 training and listing organisations in membership. UKCP holds the national register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors, containing over 6,700 registrants who meet exacting standards and training requirements.

UKCP produces publications and runs meetings and conferences to inform and consult on issues of concern to practitioners and support continuing professional development.

As part of its commitment to protection of the public, UKCP works to improve access to psychological therapies, to support and disseminate research, to improve standards, and also deals with complaints against member organisation and registrants.



WPF Therapy Ltd

23 Magdalen Street



0207 378 2000


WPF Therapy, established in 1969, is the largest charitable provider of counselling and psychotherapy in England. We are also a leading provider of training for counsellors and psychotherapists with a wide range of accredited training programmes.

WPF Therapy is a member of both the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). Our clinical service is accredited by BACP and our graduates are registered with UKCP. Our degrees are validated by Roehampton University.

WPF exists to help people with emotional, psychological, spiritual and relationship problems by seeking:

  • to provide high-quality affordable counselling and psychotherapy
  • to provide high-quality training to equip counsellors and psychotherapists to work competently in organisations or in private practice
  • to make high-quality counselling/psychotherapy and training available as widely as possible through the full range of WPF organisations
  • to conduct relevant research

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