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Interact is the Journal of the Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG), an organisation studying and supporting work concerning trauma, abuse and dissociation. Membership of TAG costs £20.00 and includes two editions per year of Interact, as well as bi-monthly members’ e-newsletters, discounts at events, and other benefits.

We are always looking for contributions to Interact and if you are interested in writing for us then please take a look at our submission guidelines in the first instance or email interact@tag-uk.net.

Back editions of Interact are now available for sale by filling in the attached order form and sending a cheque made payable to ‘Trauma and Abuse Group’ to TAG, The Willows Centre, 11 Prospect Place, SWINDON, SN1 3LQ.  Each edition costs £3.50 inc P&P and volume discounts are available (see order form for details).

The Autumn 2010 edition (Volume 10 Number 2)

Articles include:

The Spring 2011 edition (Volume 11 Number 1)

Articles include:

The Autumn 2011 edition (Volume 11 Number 2)

Articles include:

The Spring 2012 edition (Volume 12 Number 1)

Articles include:

      Tony Buckley:  A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach to understanding sensation, impulse and movement         patterns as survival, recovery and endurance patterns

       Catherine Thorpe: What is Lifespan Integration?

       Nel Walker: Continuity of Being, Time and Present

       Pauline Andrew: Keeping moving forward

        Angela McCann: Is yesterday dead and gone?

The Autumn 2012 edition (Volume 12 Number 2)

Articles include:

Pat Ogden: Understanding Dissociation and the Body - Then and Now

Sue Richardson : Struggling for Relationship: Working with Caregivers

Mike Lloyd : Social Networking

Penny Johnson : Survivors at Touchstone

First Person Plural : The Windon of Tolerance

The Summer 2013 edition (Volume 13 Number 1)

Articles include:

          Sandra Buck : The RAINS Network in the UK

          Jacki Rodikis : Journey - a trip from one place to another

           Peter Jones : Counselling in Prisons Network

          Alice Graham : Working with the body - a personal journey through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

           First Person Plural : Helpline calls from people with DID